Family Program

Effective communication and healthy expression of feelings is emphasized in this program. We will support resolving past anger, resentments, grief and loss issues.


Further education is given on relapse prevention, communications, relationship conflicts, and healthy boundaries.


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LRC is based on a Systems approach, focusing on the effects that drug and alcohol dependency has on the entire family/social system.

Lighthouse Recovery Center offers a Family educational program , which teaches how behavioral health problems affect the interpersonal dynamics of the family system to assist those that are affected by chemical or alcohol dependency, and address patterns and beliefs that have perpetuated addictive and co-dependent behaviors.

LRC’s family education program works to identify and then break through the defense and denial mechanism that have supported and enabled these destructive behaviors.

Stages of Denial

1. Denial
No Problem.

2. Detour
There is a problem, but it’s not alcohol or drugs.

3. Delay
Well, maybe alcohol and drugs are a problem, but not a big one.

4. Dilemma
Okay, alcohol and drugs are a problem, but I can control them.

5. Defeat
I can’t control them right now.

6. Admit
Sobriety may help me get it under control again.

7. Accept
Sobriety will help me.

8. Surrender
I can’t control it, sobriety is necessary.